We have been loving our bullies for over 25 years!

News: Bullybabies Growing in...

We have a nice variety of puppies in the dog room downstairs sleeping, eating, growing every day.  We will post pictures in the next day or so.   In the meantime, you can check out their moms here and on the Dams page in more detail.  Pairings for these litters go like this: Zellie and Raphael: 1 Male, 4 Females   Ready to Go:1-15-14 Starr and Red Rock:  2 Males, 4 Females   Ready to Go: 1-16-14 Kamareo and Hamilton: 1 Male  Ready to Go:1-19-14 Qu... (full entry)

Why Choose Us

We have been raising English bulldogs for the past 27 years, and thoroughly enjoy the breed with its friendly, laid back demeanor, loads of wrinkles and very little barking.  Jon is a natural with the care of the bullies and they adore him.  He spends the majority of his day with the litters in their walk out basement room and also in our modern kennel.  After 25 years, Jon's experience is a valuable asset to anyone who gets a pup from Stimson Bulldogs.  We work to raise healthy bulldogs with good conformation and personality, but in the event an unforeseen health problem arises, Stimson Bulldogs has a year guarantee on genetic issues. We welcome visits of prospective buyers who want to meet our pups and their parents in person, as well as check out our operation.  For those who are too far away, we send many pictures as well as send videoclips, if needed.  We have many satisfied families who are enjoying a Stimson Bulldog. Check out our Facebook page to see the bullies with their new families.

Bulldogs: From Our Experience

Bulldogs are a wonderful family pet.  Bullies bark very little and snort and snore a little more, adapt well to their new family, and are loyal to those who love them.  You will be a celebrity in your neighborhood when you take your bully for a walk.  Since having our first English bulldog pups for sale in 1987, we have sent English bulldog pups from our home near Clarinda, Iowa all over the United States.  As English bulldog breeders of 25 years, we feel we have been given a great opportunity to provide others with a pet that will give them loyal companionship and years of satisfaction.  From their 'sour mug' look to their outlook on life, bulldogs are characters that love their people and are steady companions that offer plenty of entertainment for the whole family.  

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